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times tease her with some little jealousies; as I know, that, were

I in his place, I should not be entirely free from such sensations. wigs for men

But, be that as it may, my pleasure with Charlotte is over. Call short wigs for black women

it folly or infatuation, what signifies a name? The thing speaks

for itself. Before Albert came, I knew all that I know now. I forever young wigs

knew I could make no pretensions to her, nor did I offer any, that

is, as far as it was possible, in the presence of so much loveliness, forever young wigs

not to pant for its enjoyment. And now, behold me like a silly hair pieces

fellow, staring with astonishment when another comes in, and

deprives me of my love.

I bite my lips, and feel infinite scorn for those who tell me to

be resigned, because there is no help for it. Let me escape from

the yoke of such silly subterfuges! I ramble through the woods;

and when I return to Charlotte, and find Albert sitting by her

side in the summer-house in the garden, I am unable to bear it,

behave like a fool, and commit a thousand extravagances. "For

Heaven's sake," said Charlotte today, "let us have no more scenes

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